Last post until May

bye y’all

this ice cream

is the only ice cream

i want to be buried with.

goodbye america. goodbye world. i’ll see you when destiny calls us back together again


"Damn, bruh …" "Wow …" "That’s crazy …" "That’s fucked up …" "My bad, bruh …" "You aight …" "Fuck that shit …" 

- Me “caring”

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i’m totally spending my last night wisely. meditating for the trip to come. mentally and spiritually preparing myself.  today i lit a bowl with a candle just to avoid finding a lighter. spiritual.

oh god i’m so high i’m just sitting here by myself and i zoned out for a minute and then i zzoned back in or whatever and looked at my computer screen and all that’s open is like google images of funyuns like what did i do that

I met a hamster named 2Chainz today

Hey don’t unfollow me while I’m gone for the next three months cause I’m gonna come back all wise and shit and you’re gonna want to know me

So I’ve started taking vyvanse again which means I’m crying cigarettes again and I swear to god it’s like I’ve quit off the meds and now I have to quit all over again on them and I’m just lying in bed with a pez dispenser hoping it will bring me happiness but it tastes like hypocrisy lies and grape flavoring and I just ugh





Lets have sex and watch lotr.




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